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Smart Lighting: Is it time to believe the hype?

Smart Lighting: Is it time to believe the hype?

It’s been almost a decade of discussing smart lighting, from product discussion to launch. From the exhibition halls at Light & Building to the pages of every lighting magazine, smart-lighting was everywhere. However, even though the hype continues to this day, the last four years can be viewed as a disappointment. The cold, hard sales all of us predicted have not occurred and it’s time to take stock.

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Extrapolation is not the Better Part of Valour

Extrapolation is not the Better Part of Valour

The lighting industry has been promoting longer and longer lifetime values happily moving into supplying integrated LED fixtures without serviceable modules. But with failures at half the stated lifetime what does the future hold for consumers and manufacturers?

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Fred Bass

Fred Bass

Fred’s passion and expertise for lighting has gained him recognition as a specialist in the industry. His interest was first instilled at a young age by his father who as an architect, taught him how to use light and space to define the built environment. Since then, Fred has had experience with many types of lighting including lamp making, stage lighting and professional lighting in both exterior & interior applications. His passion in lighting comes from working with designers and helping them to realize their vision. He finds the challenge of balancing high-class lighting with low energy sources invigorating in which it inspires his long-standing career in the lighting industry.

If you’re interested in having Fred guest blog, attend or speak at your event  or advising you on lighting please get in touch.

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